Indica marijuana strains


Cannabis plants that are the indica variety are short, dense plants. Their leaves are a dark, deep green color because of the abundance of chlorophyll indica marijuana plants contain. The leaves are broad and short which ads to the plants dense bushy appearance. Indica’s plants rarely grow over 6 feet tall and mature very fast. Along with the short maturation period, the indica cannabis strains will have thick, short branches densely covered in its thick, dark, broad leaves. At maturation during the flowering stage, indica cannabis plants have a tendency to show dark purple coloring in the leaves, but especially in the maturing marijuana buds. Indicas can be grown in cooler temperatures with less intensive lighting requirements.

indica marijuana traits

The indica marijuana high is a heavy and deeply relaxed body buzz. Many medical marijuana patients utilize the stress relief and relaxation properties resulting in an overall sense of calm and total serenity. Pain and insomnia relief are also major beneficiary of the use of indica marijuana. The indica high is sometimes called the “couch lock” because of the user feeling so content with what they are doing even if it is nothing but enjoying being high.