Supernova a.k.a. Chronic

Supernova a.k.a. Chronic is a very potent marijuana strain that does well when grown indoors. It is not a marijuana type that is advisable to be grown by the novice marijuana grower, but is not a difficult strain either. Supernova is a potent form of the chronic cannabis strain. It is a medium height plant that grows sticky buds with large crystals.

Supernova cannabis plant is a well suited strain for both seasoned tokers and medical marijuana users alike. It boasts one of the highest THC levels for any indica marijuana strain. It is useful for just about any of the common ailments treated with cannabis, but especially useful for chronic pain.

Supernova Marijuana Strain Highlights:

  • Cannabis Type: Indica 95%
  • Grow Height: 1.5-3 feet
  • THC Levels: 25%
  • Flowering Length: 8 weeks
  • Yield Average: 400(g/m2)
  • Grow Difficulty:Medium
  • Avg Price of Seeds: $110 – $150

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