Charas Cannabis

Charas marijuana strain is one that was developed to reproduce the spiritual effects of the hashish of the same name produced and popular in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Charas marijuana strain is a mid range strain in terms of height, growing to 3-6 feet high. It is an easy marijuana strain to grow, and recommended for beginners that have the grow space for such a spiritual marijuana plant.

grow cannabis indoor

As stated earlier, Charas produces a very spiritual experience when consumed by the user. This type of effect would be beneficial to the medical marijuana patient that may have life changing illnesses, and helping them to cope with anxiety and depression. Charas THC level is on the moderately high side and its a good producer of high quality cannabis.

Charas Marijuana Strain Highlights:

  • Cannabis Type: Indica 85%
  • Grow Height: 3-6 feet
  • THC Levels: 17-19%
  • Flowering Length: 8-10 weeks
  • Yield Average: 450(g/m2)
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Avg Price of Seeds: $60 – $85

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