Skunk Red Hair Weed

Skunk Red Hair is a marijuana type that has higher then normal yields and is easy to grow, especially indoors. This cannabis strain has tight, compact mature buds and some of the most predominate red hairs of any cannabis type.

Skunk Red Hair is a sativa dominant hybrid that will provide a mellow cerebral buzz when smoked that provides creative overtones. Many medical marijuana users will choose this type of cannabis for daytime use to help with chronic pain management and anxiety relief.

Skunk Red Hair Strain Highlights:

  • Cannabis Type: Indica/Sativa 30-70%
  • Grow Height: 2-5 feet
  • THC Levels: 10-15%
  • Flowering Length: 8-9 weeks
  • Yield Average: 500(gr/m2 )
  • Grow Difficulty:Easy
  • Avg Price of Seeds: $30- $55

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