New York Diesel

New York Diesel is a high grade marijuana plant that mixes the best Afghan indicas with the best Mexican Sativas. The result is a cannabis type that is as exotically potent as it is beautiful. NYD is a moderately difficult strain of marijuana to grow. It has a fairly long flowering period, but produces very decent yields. It can do well indoors because of its tendency to stay short and bushy.

New York Diesel is a very exotic type of marijuana producing a very red grape smell and taste when smoked. It also has a very euphoric and uplifting buzz to take the user into a dream like magical state of existence. NYD has its medical marijuana properties as well and is good for those that suffer from pain and anxiety.

New York Diesel Strain Highlights:

  • Cannabis Type: Indica/Sativa 50-50%
  • Grow Height: 1-3 feet
  • THC Levels: 20%
  • Flowering Length: 10 weeks
  • Yield Average: 400(gr/m2 )
  • Grow Difficulty:Moderate
  • Avg Price of Seeds: $100- $200

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