Cheese marijuana strain is a step back into the days of the hippies in the 1960’s. It has that earthy, cheesy smell of old school cannabis. When deciding to grow the cheese type marijuana strain, a grower would first be impressed with the extremely high yields of 700+ grams. It is a moderately difficult hybrid strain, and has a relatively long flowering cycle of up to 10 weeks, but this marijuana type is good for any small to mid size grow rooms.

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Cheese has a good THC average of 20% if grown in decent conditions. This marijuana indica/sativa strain prides itself on an instant smile and euphoric high for the user. It also is known for its inspirational and creativity properties. It is a good stress and anxiety reducer for the medical cannabis patient.

Cheese Strain Highlights:

  • Cannabis Type: Indica/Sativa 45-55%
  • Grow Height: 2-5 feet
  • THC Levels: 20%
  • Flowering Length: 8-10 weeks
  • Yield Average: 700(g/m2)
  • Grow Difficulty: Moderate
  • Avg Price of Seeds: $100- $150

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