Indica Cannabis Traits

Indica marijuana plants are short and bushy. They have broad leaves and usually have a deep green color with some dark purple highlights especially during the mature budding stage. Indicas mature very quickly and have a short growth stage. Indicas are hardy marijuana plants that can cope well in cooler environments.

Sativa Cannabis Traits

Sativa marijuana plants are tall with thin long thin leaves on long spread out branches. The sativa plant is usually light green in color, sometimes having very drastic orange or red coloring on the buds. Sativa plants take longer to mature and will often grow over 8 feet high. They do better with more light and higher temperatures.

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Marijuana Type Facts

avatarFor the two general types of cannabis, indica and sativa, there can many individual strains. Each strain is composed of the flowers (referred to as buds), the leaves, the stems and branches, and the roots. The flowers have the highest

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